Everyone wants to be great but only few would stay late and practice.

I was writing this while my friend is busy playing guitar at 3am… practicing his skills, not for an expected performance but for whenever season calls for it.

It has always been the secret of the few humble and seemingly “seasoned” ones: diligence and hardwork.

Some people might be just gifted, and I admire them for being such. But that doesn’t mean we cannot be at par with them. In fact, someone can start worse but can, along the way, become even better than the gifted. How? Again, diligence and hard work.

Diligence means persevering determination to perform a task. It keeps one focused and motivated. While everyone else is done, a diligent person pushes through and adds more effort.

I wish I was the most intelligent person in the class when I was younger. But I wasn’t. And I would always envy those who are bookish and teacher’s favorite, simply because they are admirably intelligent in my eyes… But one thing it has taught me is to be diligent. Because I don’t have the braincells of a nerd, I have to double effort. I have to study more. I have to stay late and wake up early. I have to do the hard work. I have built that discipline, which led me to where I am now… still studying. Still pushing through.

In any discipline, the diligent can always surpass the gifted. The key is hardwork.

Now, imagine the potential of being already gifted, and still wants to improve? That is absolutely amazing!

God has given each one of us gifts of skills and talents. And in the same way, God has given us the grace to continue to improve and hone it. The downfall of a person is when he pridefully just relly on gift, without the desire to take care of it and to bring it to the level of excellence.

May we take time to acknowledge the gift God has deposited in us, and may we take care of it, grow it, hone it, and honor the Lord through it.

Everyday faithfulness has greater impact than few big shots.

Comento, por favor!