The best ending is a matter of the perspective and attitude of the heart.

It is interesting to know that a lot of people, if not all, show a wanting to end things in a good way. We always want to save the best one for last. We want to culminate in a good mood, a high note, a happy ending, a moment worth cherishing.
In food, for example, we save our favorite part of it for the last bite. We want the last part of the chicken (the skin, for many), to be the last one engaging our taste buds. If we are not satisfied, we go for dessert.
We want our last memory of our day to be good: that’s why people usually go for gimmicks, happy time, nice dinner or coffee with friends or special someone, to be the last activity of the day. We do not want to bring the stress of school or office at home.
Choosing between a good news and a bad one, we want to hear the bad news first and end with the good one.
In stories, we always want to know the ending.
In awards ceremony, the major awards go last.
It is a very simple fact of life. We all want things to end well… We want to save the best for last.

Today is the last day of the year 2014. And just like any other story, it has to end somewhere. However, not all endings, in reality, may seem to be good. Yet, we can still choose to save the best for last.

This last day of the year can still be the best. Our way of seeing things, and responding accordingly, can definitely change the way we end this year, and still culminate on a high note.


First, recall the year that was:

What are the highlights of your year?
What are the memories you will treasure in your life this year?
Who are the people who significantly left a mark in your heart?
What personal faith-goals were answered this year?
What new places were added to your list of charted ones?
What events this year will be a good story to tell in the future?
What challenges did you overcome this year?
What situations made you stronger?
What significant lessons-in-life did you learn?

Next, make a short list of people you want to thank, as they have become a part of your 2014.
Send a short message through text or social media. Call them if necessary. Appreciating them in little ways will make a huge impact, not just on them, but on you, personally. Learning to express gratitude changes the attitude of the heart, it overlooks grumpiness and being negative.


It will not also make harm if you apologize to some people. Because relationships matter, make the last day of the year a day of connecting, reconnecting, forgiving and releasing some people from the grudges of your heart. It can be a family member, a close friend who betrayed or you lose trust with, or someone who offended you significantly. Forgive and release them from the prison of your past.

Lastly, commune with God. Thank Him for keeping you safe and alive this year. Ask for His grace to forgive. Tell Him of your adventures this year. Praise Him for all the wonderful things He has done. Worship Him for who He is, and for His new character you’ve learned to see or experience this year. Recall His faithfulness through out the entire year. Do not lose sight of the little things God has given you this year: His daily provision, protection, healing, peace…

Saving the best for last is a choice. It is not just a random chance of having a fortunate ending. It is deliberately made by how we choose to see life… And how we respond based on how we want to see it.

God has been faithful all through out the year 2014. If you are not convinced, look back at the best ending of a story: the Cross. An ending which demonstrated how God loves us so much. An ending that gave birth to a new beginning… Because Jesus saved the best for last… For us… We can always choose to see things as the best!

Happy 2014 ending to you.

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