We have naming rights.
A year ago I woke up in a small room in a hospital. Trying to recall what happened, I looked around and saw a good friend of mine sleeping on the couch. I remember then, I went to the hospital the night before, because of difficulty in breathing, extreme high fever and chilling all over. It was close to delirious. Then I saw the text messages on my phone. Mostly about work, few personal ones. Few more hours the doctor came and told me the diagnosis.
The days after have been difficult. Physically, yes, because the recovery was not easy. But more so, the emotional and psychological effects it had on me has affected the way I viewed life.
Three months after, my Dad was in ICU, very critical. It was Christmas of 2013 when we, as a family, are believing God for one thing – that we will still have daddy that Christmas. Including the financial challenge attached to it, that was the most depressing Christmas I’ve had.
Last June was it! She was finally married. The girl I liked and pursued for quite a long time. From a happy-ever-after feeling during our dates, to a sudden unexplained let-it-go moment. Then there was those overwhelming stress at work, chains of conflicts with friends, and more.

I have all the reason to quit.
This Christianity thing is not working anymore.
That was the voice ringing in my head few months ago. But then I thought of one thing…
“Where will I go?” If not in the Lord, then, with whom? I hated my past life a lot that It would be better for me to suffer in my new life than go back there. Besides, Jesus did not promise a perfect life. The writer of Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven… a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,4)
It is never a choice what life will bring. But I have a choice to see it differently. I made a decision to call my season beautiful. It may not appear like that, but it will surely change the way I see it, depending on the name I call it. Circumstances can name me depressed, alone, insecure, defeated. But the moment I made a decision to call my season the way the Bible says, Things started to change. May not be the situation, but my perspective towards those events.
When God created Adam, He commissioned him to name the creation. He may not have the power to create or change, but he was given the power to name it. Genesis 2:20 says, “So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and the beasts of the field.”
Rachel, in Genesis 35, experienced the same thing: “As she breathed her last – for she was dying – she named her son Ben-Oni. But his father named him Benjamin.” Ben-Oni means son of my sorrow, but Benjamin means son of my right hand. In the Biblical times, the right hand is symbolic of blessing and power and authority. Rachel chose to name him after her sorrows and hardships, but Jacob named him “Blessed!”
The world calls us in many names. They may call you insecure, weak, ugly, loser. People may call you defeated, faithless, lonely. Situations in life may call you sick, poor, struggling, depressed. But the Word of God says otherwise. REFUSE to believe how the world names you. You have a naming right! claim your right to name your season. claim your right to name your situation. Call it good! Call it blessed! Call it character-building! Call it stretch of faith!
I may not know how things are and what it names you. But I know a Name that is higher that what the world names you. I know a Name that is higher than your sickness. I know a Name that is higher than depression. I know a Name that is higher than your struggles and loneliness and sin… His name is Jesus, and He is the Name above ALL NAMES (Philippians 2:9)

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