ImageNagka On-Cue Moment ka na ba? … Yung may mga pinag dadaanan ka sa buhay tapos sakto uulan… And its either titingin ka sa bintana at mag eemo or maglalakad ka sa streets tapos “it hides the tears” ang peg mo. “Rain, gently falls whenever we say goodbye…” Some might not be familiar with this power ballad that my parents listen to during the then-time. Such is the image the rain carries with it… Pain… Suffering… Being broken hearted and a moment of deep confusion that will lead one to a lonely, hurting moment. “I let the pain bring all the rain… If that’s the only way, if there’s no other way to be with you again.” Rain has become an archetype for hurt and pain in music, literature and films. Whether its a “rainy days and mondays” that makes one cry or a desperate “come on in out of the rain” plead to a lover who left someone (usually the girl is abandoned by an unfaithful man – ok fine! Lagi na lang kami ang mali at nangiiwan.) Some people say that everytime its raining, heaven cries with you… Its the heaven’s way of emphasizing with what you feel. “I can make it through the rain, I can stand up once again.” Yan dapat ang peg mo pag may bagyong dumadaan sa buhay mo. Whether its a break up, a family problem, or failure, it should never be final. Sabi nga ni Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” It’s not always a rainy season. May summer din, and surely, you can overcome.man-in-the-rain_zpscc5124dd

I know someone who faced not just rains but storms, yet is victorious… And the more amazing thing is he didn’t just went through storms victoriously, but he has the power to calm the storm and to command it to leave. His name is Jesus. The one who asks us to be still in the middle of the storm. What are the storms you are facing in your life today? Jesus is willing to calm you and to command the storms to end in your life. The question is, willing ka ba? Wag ka na mag emo. He knows how hurt you are. Call to him. Let him be your best friend in this rainy season. That’s really a wonderful “on-cue” moment. John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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