LG 2

“Campus ministry is God’s genius”.

I heard it right, and everything stops…Image

Pastor Russ Austin the founding pastor of Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and Every Nation’s regional director for North America, says, “Campus ministry is God’s genius”. After hearing those thoughts this afternoon in the second day of school of ministry here in Nashville, I almost travelled to another dimension and withdraw my attention from everything that he’s saying… I already got the gem… I got the main point.. I wanted to stand and shout a big “That is so right and true!!!”

I always believe in Campus Ministry! That is the reason that in spite of all that I could have become, I chose to do it full time.

We’ve just concluded our series “Get in the Game” that talks about the importance of taking our part in reaching the next generation- and this will always be a message that, no matter how many times I hear, would always be fresh and alive in me.

I remember the very first group of men I was leading back when I was in college. Discipling people seems like a very long process, and at times I get so impatient, not seeing them “grow” the way I understood what growth is… but looking at their lives now, I am humbled and proud of them at the same time.

I remember Russell Cruz, who was just a reluctant member of the youth ministry then. I remember those days in PNU when I would follow him literally and force (ehem-ehem-convince) him to attend the youth service… now, who would have thought, he will be going to full time campus ministry. I’m sure that what I have started in PNU will grow in ways unimaginable through his leadership.

Then there is Timothy Rivero, a 9th placer in the PT Board exam, whose being nerd is covered by his playfulness (isip bata? Hahah). From just helping in the kids and youth ministry, Tim is now our campus missionary in UP Manila, and also extending his time to reach out to Wesleyan College, raising high school students to the leadership God has prepared for them. I am so proud of this man!

Just recently, Enriko Lim told me that he is now answering the call to be a full time campus missionary. I remember this guy back when we first did one2one in a coffee shop when he was still freshman in PNU. Graduated as Biology Teacher, he started serving God by teaching high school students and also being actively involved in the intercessory ministry. I can’t wait to see this man step out in faith and experience the ride of his life in campus ministry.

God can use students to trumpet his voice to his people, even as young as Malcolm Ng, a student of DLSU. Malcolm is busy taking part in the prophetic presbytery team, traveling to different places across the nation, to release God’s call and destiny to people. From a guy who used to live in comfort and pleasure, gadgets and gimmicks, now God is using him in a capacity one could only dream of.Image

Daniel Florendo, a graduate of UP Manila-nursing, is now half way through in his medical studies. Just a simple, shy student, to a passionate worshiper and disciple-maker. I can still remember when I asked him why he wanted to be a doctor, he answered, I want to go back to our place and help the people there. Who would say that money is the only motivation in pursuing medicine? Good job bro!

I am also reminded of Benjie Hung, who’s now in China, studying there for a possibility of an open door in that nation… and the nations of the world. I believe so much in this man who will do whatever it takes just to obey Jesus and make a difference – even if it takes distance and sacrifices. I know that the beauty of his character will be contagious and will change other people as well.

Looking at their lives now… there’s only one thing I could say…

Yes, it is right…

Campus ministry is God’s genius!!!

Comento, por favor!