Panera 1

It feels so refreshing to be part of Every Nation School of Ministry here in Nashville, as I observe how these 27 young men and women share how passionate they are in reaching their campuses for Christ. Pastor Paul Barker, the school director, started the class with a brief orientation, followed by a powerful session on Discovering Your “Superpowers”. This opening session on strength-based leadership painted in us a picture of working together as a team of superheroes with different unique superpowers towards one goal. I was reminded of the recent movie “Avengers” (Although I’m not into superheroes and cartoony illustrations) and how they accomplished their goal using their different skills and powers, but united with one spirit. (Well, I think a better illustration is how Europe, despite their differences in language, culture, people and status, can be united through music… go Eurovision!!! hahaha)… never mind. In the afternoon, we had Inside-out transformation, and even if I’m listening to it for the fifth or sixth time, God is still able to speak new and fresh revelations, as if I’m listening to it for the first time. One powerful illustration I got from this session is how both lying and telling the truth can be motivated by selfishness and pride. It would be easier for us to say that we lie because we either want to avoid something, or get something. But those same wrong desires can be our motivation in telling the truth. At the end of everything, it is not about the behavior or action but the motivation of our hearts that God is concern about. We also had a brief lecture on the importance of Bible interpretation. Because God has given us responsibility to seek to understand the Bible, we should, just like what 2 Timothy 2:15 says, handle accurately the word of truth. I can still remember Pastor Paul telling us, “Don’t just open the Bible and ask, “Lord, what are you telling me now?”, rather ask, “Lord, what are you telling those people back then, and how does it apply to me now?” The first day ends with a very strong and compelling word on why we need to reach the campuses, by Pastor Nick Jones, ENCM National Director-USA. This is just the first day of the school and I’m really excited on what God will do in the coming days =)

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