On Shaving and Forgiveness

I shave regularly.

It is a routine – something I am familiar with. Simply saying, it’s automatic of me – part of my morning ceremony.

It was one Tuesday morning. I woke up early to read the Word. It was a season where I am going through the book of Psalms. Now, you are thinking why Psalms. It’s the easiest to read? The chapters are shorter? But that easy and short reading has so much of the pains, struggles, joys, triumphs and life of the writers.

Last morning, I ended with Psalm 50. And guess what? I read Psalm 51 that day! What a complicated chronology!

Then I opened the Bible, Psalm 51…

And even before the window of my soul touched the first letter of the first word in the first verse, thoughts were already coming…

It was written by David… it was during a time when he offended a Holy God by committing adultery with Bathsheba… (now you’re asking… not what adultery is, but why adultery is a sin) maybe not… it’s just wrong ^_^

Ok. Forget the background of that passage. Enough of the historical, cultural and other context…

“Lord, give me an unfamiliar insight to this seemingly familiar passage… speak to me in a fresh way”

then I read the chapter…

and it’s still the same…

Ok. I got my morning ceremony started. Got my shaver and started to shave (Because that’s the purpose of a shaver)

After some time, I noticed some hairs stucked in between the blades. I looked for something I can use to clean that portion… but I did not find any.

Ok. Not really that I don’t have any, but because I’m too lazy to look diligently for one.

“Ok. I’ll use my fingers…”

“But I might get wounded… that would be painful.”

“Yeah, I hate wounds… I’ll just look for something…”

After a few second, I ended up using my fingers…

Greetings from the world of consciousness!!! Your fingers are now bleeding!

Ouch! My mouth says without a go signal from my super ego.

“Why did I use my finger?” I knew it was dangerous. I knew it was wrong.. but I did it anyway, not because I have no other choice, but because that was easier.

I went on looking for anything that can help my helpless finger ease the pain.

I need to stop the bleeding, so I soaked my finger on a clean water. After some time, the bleeding ceased, but the pain remains.

Then immediately, I was reminded of David. He knew it was wrong to commit adultery, but he did it anyway, not because he had no choice, but because that was easier… to satisfy his desires than to stand for what is right.

Because he was depraved… sinful in nature, regardless of his standing with God.

Because I am depraved… sinful in nature, regardless of my standing with God.

Because all of us are depraved… sinful in nature, regardless of our standing with God.

It takes so much satisfaction to satisfy one’s appetite, but it takes so much time for the pain to cease and the wounds to heal.

But thanks be to God, just like how he restored David, the promise of restoration is still the same for all of us today.

Thank God, He forgives.

Thank God, He purifies.

Thank God, He restores.

Thank God…

…I shave regularly.

Comento, por favor!